The Benefice of:

The Brickhills &
Stoke Hammond


Revd John Waller
The Rectory
10 Pound Hill 
Great Brickhill
Milton Keynes
MK17 9AS
Tel: 01525 261062

General Advice on Suitable Memorials and Churchyard Regulations

The Oxford Diocese issue regulations for Churchyards - full details of these Regulations whch were updated in June 2009, can be found in this section of the website on the page "Diocesan Regulations".

The Benefice lies within the Oxford Diocese and therefore anyone wishing to erect a memorial in any of the four churchyards is obliged to adhere to the Oxford Diocesan Regulations. 

The Diocese has produced two versions of a leaflet giving advice on suitable memorials and churchyard regulations, one intended for funeral directors and the other for bereaved families. Both these leaflets give helpful advice in clear, simple language and may well answer questions you might have about commemorating a person who has died.

To download a PDF file containing the Guidance Leaflet for Funeral Directors:-  Click Here

To download a PDF file containing the Guidance Leaflet for Bereaved Families:-  Click Here


(1).  Please note that because the Benefice lies on the edge of the Oxford Diocese, the local Funeral Directors cover areas in neighbouring dioceses. It is therefore advisable for anyone wishing to erect a memorial in one of the four churchyards to check the position with the Rector or Wardens (see the "Contact Us" section).

(2).  The regulations in Great Brickhill differ slightly from the three other parishes which follow the Diocesan regulations in their entirety. Great Brickhill has a closed churchyard and a cemetry, which is maintained by the Parish Council who have yet to adopt the Revised Regulations. Please check with current postion with the Rector or Wardens (see the "Contact Us" section).   

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